Site Update: Un-privated Post

Turns out that I am not required to read: D. C Greetham’s “Introduction” to his book Textual Scholarship: An Introduction so I just made this annotation public. See un-privated post here.

3 thoughts on “Site Update: Un-privated Post

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry for the confusion… Some of the posts on the blog are currently set as “password protected” because these are specifically about texts Sharon or I are analyzing for class. They will be made “public” after the fall semester is over (although if you are especially interested in viewing a private post you can just email either one of us and ask for the password).

      In this case, Sharon apparently found out that she didn’t have to read Greetham’s Textual Scholarship for the course she is taking so now the entry has been “un-privated.”

      Hope this makes sense,

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