We hope that Emergentia will allow for the creation of a vibrant intellectual community that trascends not only academic disciplines but also geographic locales. So we are always ready to welcome any new members who would like to take part in this project.

Guests are highly encouraged to comment on our posts. Any form of feedback will be greatly appreciated although we are really looking for more critical observations and contestations to stimulate vigorous intellectual discourse. This constructive criticism will especially help make us better researchers and scholars.

We are also very open to Contributors. Send us any material you think is relevant to Emergentia’s objectives and we will be happy to post your work. You will definitely be credited for your submission although we may ask you to make some minor revisions. See our Guidelines page for more details about how to format your submissions.

We also welcome people to join our blogging community. Members will get to have their brief bios showcased on our Authors Page and some administrative powers. There will, however, be a screening process because we want to make sure that our contributors know how to write good annotations, abstracts, analyses, and prospectuses. Those interested will be required to submit samples from 2 out of the 4 categories listed above. This screening process is mainly meant to help maintain the academic integrity of our blog because we hope that it will develop into a valuable resource for grad students, particularly in the humanities fields, and scholars worldwide. We also plan to put into effect structured peer reviewing to further reinforce the academic integrity of our blog’s content. You can read about our peer-review process here.

Once accepted as a contributing Author of our blog we hope that everyone will be able to post a total of four posts a month. We imagine that it would be easiest to post about once a week but do not feel pressured to stick with this format. This will not be strictly monitored and you will not be kicked out if you happen to fall short for some reason. We just think that this posting timetable will serve as a helpful guideline to encourage members to remain active on the blog and with their own research. If you do decide at any point that you no longer want to be a part of this project please just contact one of the blog co-founders (Chris, Frances, or Sharon) and let us know because we do not want “dead” members whose bios are listed on our Authors Page if they are not really active.

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