Although we trust that our contributors will provide accurate annotations and analyses we would like to further reinforce the academic integrity of our blog by implementing an informal peer review system. We will indicate at the beginning of each post whether it has been peer reviewed and by how many people. This is not to say that those posts that have not been reviewed are entirely unreliable and erroneous. We stand by the material we publish on our blog and this system is only meant to assure our readers of our intellectual vigor. Therefore, we highly encourage members to help peer review each other’s posts.


Below are some basic rules and guidelines

1. Only official members can peer review because they have gone through a screening process, affirming their scholarly experience to do this kind of work. Guests and other contributors, however, are as always encouraged to leave comments and constructive criticism on all posts.

2. This peer-reviewing process only pertains to annotations and analyses. Prospectuses and abstracts will not be peer reviewed because these are only fragments of larger projects that could not be fairly assessed without reading them in their entirety. As primarily a community of graduate students we do not claim the authority to review or pass judgment on theses or dissertation work. We will, however, offer our comments and feedback in hopes that they will help developing scholars.

3. To peer review a post you cannot simply read the post. You must read the actual work the author has referred to and written about. Afterwards submit your feedback about whether you think the post offered an accurate and thorough enough representation of the original work and if not, what points need to be incorporated or further elaborated on.

4. People can request for their work to be peer-reviewed and we will try to respond and comply as best as possible. However, we do hope that members will choose to review posts that have some correlation with their own research so this process will not seem too burdensome.

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