Emergent Discourse: Obama and the Stigma of “Otherness”

Hi all,

Progress... or Regress?

I just read Sherl Gay Stolberg’s article, “In Defining Obama, Misperceptions Stick,” from the New York Times and thought I would share it with everyone. Stolberg discusses the continuing stigma of “otherness” that clings to the President’s image as people continue to question his citizenship status and religious affiliations. Although I have always known that this questioning was occurring in the background (because how could it not?) reading this article was still shocking… I felt not so much angry as disappointed because once again it feels like we are taking two steps back. As a minority figure in a position of power, Obama must continue to justify himself and reaffirm his Americanness- something that I strongly believe would not happen if any other “white” figure was in his place.

Anyway, my rant has gone on long enough, but feel free to share your ideas and continue the discussion 🙂